Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rhinoplasty at Bangalore Hardly an Hour’s Time

Rhinoplasty at Bangalore provides effective treatment for a nose job or nose reshaping surgeries by reputed Rhinoplasty Surgeons. Exploring the amount of nose disfiguration or deformity of the patient’s nose, rhinoplasty surgeries are performed using various procedures and modern techniques. Rhinoplasty at Bangalore is a surgical treatment to perform nasal surgery to enhance the aesthetic appearance on the patient’s face.

Rhinoplasty is a part of cosmetic surgery treatment to reshape and restore the structural form of the nose. In India, Rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular facial cosmetic techniques and people who are unhappy with their shape, size and overall structure of the nose are visiting the best Cosmetic Clinic in Bangalore.

The surgery is performed either to correct the cosmetic purpose or to rectify the functional purpose. People with big nose and big chin are advised undergo facial cosmetic surgery along with a nose job surgery. Rhinoplasty at Bangalore can be done alone or with the combination of other facial cosmetic procedures to achieve the cosmetic balance. Hence, people having dropped down lips, lips not aligned with the nose and jaw and other cosmetic deformities.

Rhinoplasty at Bangalore is specialized in doing various cosmetic surgical procedures such as hump removal, nostrils correction, nose job correction and other nose reshaping surgeries at the best Cosmetic Clinic in India by eminent Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Kishore Pentyala.

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Hardly an Hour’s Time
Rhinoplasty surgery is conducted by giving local anaesthesia or sometimes using mild sedation so that the patient can visualize the surgical operation and prevents any further corrections. Rhinoplasty at Bangalore uses advanced techniques and procedures which take place hardly an hour’s time and patient can leave the clinic once the surgery is completed.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rhinoplasty in India

Rhinoplasty surgery transforms the facial appearance of the individual aspects. It is the most popular Facial Plastic Surgery to reshape the overall shape of the nose. In addition to this, rhinopasty also benefits for the patients who have disfigured nose caused due to accidents.

Rhinoplasty gives the aesthetic appearance of the face by reducing or augmenting the nose to give the correct facial proportion to the face. Rhinoplasty structurally improves abnormalities related to nasal breathing problems or any deformity affected by the birth.

Choosing a good cosmetic surgeon should be the highest priority for any individuals who are seeking to undergo consultation prior to the surgery. It will be a valuable advantage for the patients for undergoing further nose job treatment.

Rhinoplasty is a complete daycare cosmetic surgery process and some of the surgeries are performed with an hour’s time. Hence, it is the most affordable cost with quick recovery time to achieve successful  results.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India

Rhinoplasty is a type of Cosmetic Surgery that is performed for Nose Reshaping or Nose Job Correction to improve the appearance of the looks. Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India –  Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala is a well-known Facial and Cosmetic Surgeon in India who has performed various types of Rhinoplasty Surgeries to give better shape for the nose.

Dr. Pentyala has a renowned global experience in countries like U.S.A, U.K, Russia and Korea, who has worked alongside with experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons for several years. As a Facial and Cosmetic Surgeon, he has expertise in skills such as Face and Neck Lift Surgeries and Hair Transplant Surgeries for several years. He has been invited for various seminars for World Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Conferences in UK, China and Korea to deliver lectures.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India Dr. Pentyala at The New You Cosmetic Clinic is really easily appreciated because of his accomplishments and expertise nose job surgeries. Patients are provided with the best advice prior to the surgery and post-surgery instructions.

Dr. Pentyala’s Achievements :
Dr. Pentyala holds several degrees and specialization in Faciomaxillary and Facial Plastic Surgeon, MAACS(USA), MAHRS(India), FFPS(UK), FHT(Korea).

The fellowships, specializations and work experienced in Facial and Cosmetic Surgery includes:
  • Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery from Facial Plastic Surgeons Association of UK 
  • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery in Korea
  • Worked as a Surgeon (Clinical Fellow) at National Health Services (N.H.S), UK
  • Fellowship in Hair Restoration Surgery, Korea.
  • Specialized Training in Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery in Florida, USA.

In India, Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in bangalore, who deliver a huge experience in performing various Rhinoplasty cases and most of these cases are complicated like Revision Rhinoplasty.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty in Greek means “nose reshaping” (Rhino – “Nose”, Plasty – “Reshaping”). Today, it has become one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery in medical science. The nose is one of the prominent parts of the face, which glorifies your beautiful face. Hence, this has a led to a series of more patients visiting at the Best Cosmetic Clinic in Bangalore. Lots of people are undergoing this treatment to get better looks and to improve their facial expression.

High Demand for Rhinoplasty Surgery :
Rhinoplasty Surgery has become a great demand among patients who are youngsters and celebrities to get attractive face. Most of these patients undergo Nose Job Reconstruction Surgery to get correction of the nose. There are various types of nose surgical techniques to give the perfect shape of the nose transforming to a glamorous face. Besides, there are lots of different ethnic background people like Asians, Africans and Middle Eastern countries who are opting for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bangalore.

Rhinoplasty Procedures :Rhinoplasty in Bangalore has various procedures involving nose reduction or nose augmentation depending upon the size of the patient’s nose. The surgery can be done alone or with other cosmetic surgeries like Genioplasty, Blephoplasty or Facelift Surgery to give 100% results.

Best Cost-effective Process :
Cost of Rhinoplasty in Bangalore at New You Cosmetic Clinic has attracted a lot of patients across the country as well as patients worldwide. The treatment is carried out by highly trained and experienced surgeon Dr. Kishore Pentyala. He is a Facial and Cosmetic Surgeon who has earned various specializations and has served worldwide hospitals and clinics.

It is highly advisable for the patients to get treated with the Best Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, as most of the cases that come to the clinic are repeated nose surgeries.